A Very Glee Christmas – Was Sue Sylvester a Better Grinch Than Jim Carey? (Video)


glee grinchGlee took on Christmas last night in pure Sue Sylvester fashion.   “A Very Glee Christmas” gave Sue the iconic role of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas as the cheerleading coach set out to steal Christmas from the glee club.

See Sue Sylvester steal Christmas on “A Very Glee Christmas”…

First off Sue attempted to hijack the teachers’ annual secret Santa gift exchange by replacing all the names with her own.  Upon realizing that they had been conned into buying Sue custom fur lined track suits and state of the art blenders, the teachers revolted and tried to take back the holiday.

The result was pure Sue Sylvester narcism as she and her helper Becky dressed as the Grinch in order to steal the gifts destined for charity, the tree, and the glee club’s holiday spirit.  Glee clubber Brittany almost foiled her efforts, but in true Cindy Lou Who fashion fell under the meal spell of the Grinch.  In the end, Becky and Sue saw the meaning of Christmas and returned the gifts (along with a pair of clippers for Will to shave off his hair).   Jane Lynch gave Jim Carey a run for his money in her spot on performance of the Grinch! 

What did you think of Sue Sylvester’s spin as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas?