A Very Proud Lynne Spears Attends Jayden James' Preschool Graduation

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Lynne Spears attends Jayden James' preschool graduation.

Hot grandma alert! Lynne Spears was spotted looking fiercely beautiful as she left her grandson, Jayden James’, preschool graduation today (June 17).

Spears was spotted leaving the ceremony with a pamphlet in her hand and her son, Bryan Spears, by her side (the one Spears kin we almost never see).

Check out Spears‘ hot fashion choices as she struts with a low neck-line and stunna’ shades! If that’s not a hot grandma, I don’t know what is.

But one who was notably absent, as far as we can tell, is proud mama Britney Spears. She started her Femme Fatale tour last night (June 16) in Sacramento, California.

Perhaps she planned her tour to begin in California in oder to attend the ceremony. It’s quite possible she left unseen by the photographers.

Are you looking forward to the Femme Fatale tour and do you think Britney attended the ceremony?

Check out the photos below of grand-momma Lynne Spears.

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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    Jayden James
    The happy graduate.

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