A Very Sad Suri Cruise - Are Her Emotions or the Rain Getting to Her?

A Sad Suri and Her Mom

Although Katie Holmes is attempting to make everything peachy keen for her young daughter Suri Curise, it’s hard not be be affected by:

a) the big transition in her life
b) the paparazzi always there snapping her photo
c) the weather.

But whatever it is, or a combination of all three, Suri does not look happy on this Friday afternoon date with mom Katie Holmes.

Check out these photos here and see what you think plus a mid mommy/daughter date shoe change!


  • Suri Looking Sad 1 of 5
    Suri Looking Sad
    Suri looked very sad on this rainy day.
  • Suri and Mom 2 of 5
    Suri and Mom
    Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise keeping dry.
  • Suri Covers Up 3 of 5
    Suri Covers Up
    Suri pulled out her own super cute umbrella.
  • And Rainboots 4 of 5
    And Rainboots
    And she made a shoe change as well.
  • Shoe Change 5 of 5
    Shoe Change
    Before = After