A White House Baby Coming?



Here we go again!  Doesn’t matter that first lady Michelle Obama has previously said she and President Obama are done having children, those pregnancy rumors just won’t die!  So, is she or not?

All eyes, apparently, are on Michelle Obama’s midsection.  We here, certainly do not participate in such rumors.  Oh, wait, maybe we do.  *Ahem*

Anyway, it seems every few weeks, there are new preggo rumors about Mrs. Obama, but I honestly don’t think she and the president want more kids at this point.  I think they’re happy with their family and it is most likely complete.  But, the minute Michelle wears a loose-fitting dress or shirt, the gossip starts all over again!

The Obamas will soon be vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard at the bucolic blue heron farm in Chilmark, so no doubt her wardrobe will be scrutinized to see if there’s any sort of bump.

Of course, once again, we here will not be joining in on the fun.  Or, maybe we will?