A Win for the Wife! Jennifer Garner Gets Ben Affleck to Shave Off the Beard!


85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsBen Affleck may have had one of his dreams come true, winning an Academy Award for his film Argo. But he wasn’t the only one in the Affleck household who got their wishes granted on Oscar night. Jennifer Garner got a big win too! She made Ben shave off the beard.

And the best thing? She couldn’t wait until they got home. According to Us Weekly, Ben and Jen were at an after party at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood when he went to the bathroom and shaved during the party!

“He did it himself at the restaurant,” an insider told US. Ben had been growing the beard out during award season and apparently saw it as some sort of lucky charm. “The whole family was tired of the beard!” the source adds. And Jen, she came prepared, she “actually brought the clippers to the party.”

 What did you think of Ben Affleck’s beard? Hit or miss?
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