Aaron Carter No Longer Engaged: We Breathe a Sigh of Relief


Way back in 2006, an 18-year-old, baby-faced Aaron Carter (Dancing With the Stars star and younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter) got engaged to 22-year-old Miss United States Teen winner–or, former winner, as she was stripped of her crown after an indecent photo shoot surfaced–Kari Peniche.

Though, according to, the couple said they would marry within six months of their engagement, time dragged on without any steps being taken down the aisle. But, they’ve suddenly called the wedding off, and all we can say is…phew.

Would the still-very-young former pop star have made a good husband and dad anyway? Most recently, Carter showed off his skills as one of the celebrities on Dancing With the Stars. But Carter got his start very young in the late 90s, as part of a show-biz family, so likely grew up faster than most kids his age. So, when he got engaged at such a young age, we have to wonder if he was really ready to start a family or if he was just keeping up with the momentum he had going from a young age.

According to, Carter  was recently revealed to owe more than $1 million in taxes dating back to 2003–not usually the sign of total maturity.

We’re thinking it was a good thing the engagement was called off–give the guy some time to grow on his own before he starts bringing more people into his family.


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