Abby Sunderland has a New Brother, With a Very Significant Name


abby sunderland brother

Marianne Sunderland, mom to teen sailor Abby Sunderland, gave birth to a boy last night! What’d she name him? Paul-Louis Sunderland, after Paul Louis le Moigne, the French fishing-boat captain who rescued Abby in the Indian Ocean. Moigne spent 30 hours searching for Abby after her boat lost its mast, so it’s fitting that her family would want to pay such significant tribute.

Most importantly, the birth of Abby Sunderland’s brother answers one question that had been nagging at me:

When Abby reached dry land last week (on the French island of Reunion), she was greeted by her older brother, Zac, but not her parents. They remained in California. As a mother, that surprised me. Why had her parents stayed home? We now know that it was because Marianne was mere days from giving birth.