ABC Has A Plan If 'Dancing' Audience Boos Chris Brown


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Chris Brown Is Set To Perform on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Chris Brown is set to perform on tonight’s Dancing With the Stars, but ABC is worried that the audience may boo him right off the stage.

“It’s a family friendly show that wants to keep its tone upbeat and happy,” a show insider tells PopEater. “The last thing they want to happen is for Chris to not get a very warm welcome and ruin the whole atmosphere for the entire evening.”

And it seem as though after Brown freaked out on Good Morning America after being asked a question about his 2009 assault on Rihanna, the series is prepared for backlash.

“We are prepared to cut right to commercial after Chris performs,” an insider tells PopEater. “If anyone boos you won’t get to hear it on TV. The only thing that we are worried about is if the audience doesn’t react well before the performance. The sound guy will do his best to pump up the music and drown out the sound from the crowd.”

What do you think will happen tonight?