ABC Planning Chris Brown & Rihanna Sit-Down Interview

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ABC Is Planning Chris Brown/Rihanna Interview.

ABC just won’t let this go. I guess I can’t blame them for wanting to milk this Chris Brown situation for all it’s worth though. Now they are pushing for a sit-down interview with Brown and ex-girlfriend Rihanna in the same room for the first time.

Not only did ABC plan to keep Brown’s tirade away from the press, but they also extended a second invitation for him to come back to Good Morning America. “It’s all about the ratings,” replied an ABC source. “At all other costs.”

And now this proposed interview is at the top of their list. And Robin Roberts would be the one orchestrating the whole mess.

Oy vey. Do they really think Rihanna would be up for this? She has a career to think about.

How likely do you think this interview will happen? Maybe on Oprah.