ABC's Better With You Celebrates the Complexity of Families (Video)


better with youFamilies are complicated. Romance can be challenging. When you combine the two, it can be amusing comedic fun.   At least that’s what ABC is banking on with the newest addition to their Wednesday night comedy block, Better with You.

Better with You is seeking to combine all the best aspects of ABC’s Wednesday night offerings – a homesy sitcom full of romance that will appeal to every generation.    Mix Cougar TownThe Middle, and Modern Family up in a blender and you’ve basically got Better with You.

So far the show is getting great hype as the best new sitcom of the season.   Based on the pilot episode which aired tonight, it’s a show that will appeal to today’s parents with a great family oriented / family friendly spin. 

Better with You  brings together two generations of family at different stages of their relationships.  You’ve got the newbies who get engaged after only two months, the big sister who has lived with her boyfriend for nine years with no marriage proposal in sight, and the parents who have been together for years and have seen all that love has to offer.  

If you’re looking for one of those sitcoms that you can sit down and watch with the kids, Better with You will fit the bill!

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