Academy Awards: Who's Faking and Who's For Real? Celeb Relationships get Oscar Red Carpet Scrutiny

Arguably, the world's most famous couple.

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie step from their limo millions of eyes will be scrutinizing their every move.  Can you imagine?  Knowing that whether or not you hold your partner’s hand or whether you look at him or her when a flashbulb goes off will give magazines and websites fodder for weeks to come?

With that in mind, one could argue that the red carpet is, perhaps, home to the biggest acting performances of the year.  Couples strive to appear happy and in love and can you really blame them?  Even if all is not well on the homefront, as is rumored to be the case with Will Smith and Jayda Pinkett-Smith, the red carpet is the place to put on a show and hopefully put those rumors to rest.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  It’s all just a game of cat and mouse, isn’t it?  The paparazzi and media outlets like E! and TMZ rarely miss a trick.  They know the celebrities are putting on a show so they look even closer.  Who’s wearing a wedding ring and who isn’t?  Who’s holding hands and rubbing backs and who is separating and working the carpet alone?  The answers to these questions can sometimes be very telling.  The celebs know this and respond accordingly.  Some are willing to put on a show and others aren’t and that’s when relationship tidbits slip through the Hollywood cracks and land in the laps of Americans who care about that sort of thing.

As the Denver Post reports celebrities can hide behind their Malibu gates for most of the year but come awards  “stars are obliged to move the wheels of commerce by stepping out in public — for a movie opening or a major awards show. And it is there on the red carpet they must worry: Is my relationship status showing?”

PEOPLE magazine’s West Coast Executive Director, J.D. Heyman, says more than just red carpet watching goes into landing a story but  “as a starting point, reporters do look at photographs and say, ‘Something’s up.’ … Engagement rings, baby bumps, new relationships — these are all things that you do see evidence of on the red carpet.”

A prime example, the break-up of Ashton and Demi:

When unconfirmed reports emerged last fall that Ashton Kutcher had cheated on Demi Moore, neither would comment. So the red-carpet analysts trained their firepower on the stars’ public appearances. Both were still wearing their wedding rings, it was noted… but he arrived solo at a Clinton Foundation party, while she walked alone into the “Margin Call” premiere. The fact that she appeared unusually thin (“gaunt” was the paparazzi word of choice) solidified conventional wisdom that this was a marriage in trouble. They announced their divorce a month later.

So, millions of eyes turn toward the red carpet leading into tonight’s Academy Awards.  What will be revealed?  Is someone hiding a baby bump?  Is a couple on the verge of break-up?  Who knows?  But the minute the celebrity couples alight from their limos, tongues will be wagging.  From what they’re wearing to their demeanor with each other.

Which couple are you most excited to see?  For me?  Brad and Angie, of course.  Which couple do you think puts on the biggest show?  Who do you think is the most natural?  While I’m most excited to see Brad and Angie I wonder how “real” they are together on the carpet.  They often seem very uncomfortable.  The couple I think is the most natural and the most in love is Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson.