Actress Jill Quigg Arrested, A Cautionary Tale


Jill Quigg was arrested this past Friday for breaking and entering, larceny and wanton destruction of property. When her and friend Georgios Keskinidis were caught they claimed a black man was the real criminal and (sigh) they were actually acting as citizen “crime fighters” who chased the man and collected the flat screen television and a new computer printer as he dropped them. They were just temporarily holding the stuff at Jill’s apartment.

What makes this especially sad, is that Jill has substance abuse problems she has been working on dealing with. It’s an issue that has plagued her and held her back from really pursuing an acting career. She’s certainly got the chops. Her role in Gone Baby Gone, earned her an Oscar nom.

In the flick she plays Dottie, a friend of a woman whose daughter is stolen. It’s a good flick and if she clean up and stops committing crimes, hopefully she’ll do something with her life. It’s a cautionary tale against drugs and alcohol.