Adam Dell Padma Lakshmi Custody Battle: Adam Dell a Narcissist?


Padma LakshmiPadma Lakshmi of Top Chef is in a custody battle over her daughter Krishna, who turns one in a month.  Adam Dell is Krishna’s father, and he is one “the” Dells…like the computer. Krishna’s father,  Adam Dell, filed a new lawsuit against Padma, filing for full custody.

But is Adam Dell a Narcissist? The majority of the high conflict divorce and custody battles played out in courtrooms are due to the fact that one of the partners has some kind of emotional or personality disorder.

An expert in high conflict divorce and custody cases,  Dr. Kathy J. Marshack weighs in on high conflict divorces and custody battles.

“The type of person who usually initiates a high conflict divorce…Author Patricia Evans calls them ‘Controlling People.’  In a nutshell, controlling people are narcissistic and low on empathy. The narcissist acts as if he or she is the center of the Universe. In his or her eyes, their beliefs are the “right” ones. Their perspective is the ‘right one.’ Their actions are the ‘right ones.'”

Dr. Marshack says that high conflict custody and divorce battles usually have two things in common: Motive and Means.  Mr. Dell has means!

High Conflict Institute has this to say about High Conflict Divorce and Custody Battles:

“People with High-Conflict Personalities become stuck in high conflict with a “target of blame” – someone close to them or someone in a position of authority. Read on to understand more about personality disorders and conflict.”

“People with the traits and characteristics of a personality disorder are not bad people. They are simply people with a brain disability, so-to-speak. It’s not their fault, nor did they choose it, and they probably don’t even know they have it. They must be treated with respect and not labeled.”