Adam Dell Sues Padma Lakshmi: Did They Break Up Over Baby's Name?

adam dell padma lakshi krishna thea lakshmi
Adam Dell is suing ex Padma Lakshmi for custody of their daughter, Krishna Thea

Now I certainly get that your kid’s name is a deeply personal and deeply sensitive subject. But just moments after the joyous arrival of your child, would you launch into a four-hour spat with your partner over the baby’s name? Most of us wouldn’t but apparently Adam Dell would. And did. And now he’s suing ex-girlfriend Padma Lakshmi for custody of their baby daughter. What’s the name that ignited this breakup?

The darling baby is named Krishna Thea. Adam Dell is suing to gain custody of the 11-month girl. He’s had visitation rights till now, but he wants to see his daughter more. Or, as Padma’s people are spinning it, he wants more of a relationship with Padma.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, Adam Dell is from those Dells, the people behind the computer company. And no, Padma’s not getting child support.


Photo: PR Photos

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