Adam Sandler Alive! Adam Sandler Latest Hoax Victim!

adam sandler dead
Adam Sandler is Alive!

Rumors about Adam Sandler being dead were swirling last night…and if you’ve been following the latest trend in celebrity death reports, then you can probably already guess that the cause of his demise was listed as a snowboard accident.

Adam Sandler is very much alive, and just the latest victim of a huge celebrity death hoax! The worst part is that this isn’t the first time the Global Associated News website has tried to knock Sandler off. He was reported to have died in a snowboarding accident last December as well, along with Jim Carrey.

Other snowboard hoax celebs have included Owen Wilson and Avril Lavinge. When will this nonsense stop…and if it doesn’t, when will this website get more creative and use some other method of killing off celebs than snowboarding?

Photo: PRPhotos