Adam Sandler and His Lollipop Girls Sunny and Sadie

Adam Sandler with daughters Sunny and Sadie

Adam Sandler was spotted taking his daughters, Sunny and Sadie, out for lollipops in Beverly Hills. I think we could have guessed the funny guy has nothing against sugar… Adam is currently filming his new comedy Jack and Jill, where he plays the roles of  both Jack and his twin sister Jill. It’s rumored that Katie Holmes will play the role of Jack’s wife.

Al Pacino is slated to play, oddly enough, plays Al Pacino. I thought actors only played themselves when they had dried up all other alternatives (like when Jennifer Grey played herself on a sitcom years ago post-rhinoplasty but before her big Dancing with the Stars comeback). Certainly that’s not the case with Pacino, so the script must be hilarious.  Look for the Thanksgiving-themed movie to be released late next year.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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