Adam Sandler Latest Hoax Victim: Sandler Snowboarding Accident Rumor Not True, He's Alive!

adam sandler hoax rumor not true alive
Adam Sandler latest snowboarding accident hoax victim

Adam Sandler dead? No… Adam Sandler is still very much alive, but is the latest celebrity death hoax victim.

The Adam Sandler death hoax rumor started with Global Associated News, who spread the false rumor: “Actor Adam Sandler is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier today -December 28, 2010.”

This isn’t the first time a celebrity death hoax involving a snowboarding accident in Switzerland has been spread as the report goes, “Sandler lost control of his snowboard and struck a tree at a high rate of speed… Sandler was air lifted by ski patrol teams to a local hospital, however, it is believed that the actor died instantly from the impact of the crash.”

Just a couple of days ago, the same snowboarding death hoax was spread about Charlie Sheen.

To recap – Adam Sandler NOT dead.

Please, enough with the celebrity death hoax rumors!