Adele And Simon Konecki Spend Valentines Day With Robbie Williams! (Photos)


90936PCN_Adele02With the Oscars only about a week away, it looks like Adele is making the most of her time in Los Angeles as both she and her boyfriend Simon Konecki were spotted visiting fellow British chart topper Robbie Williams at his house on Thursday afternoon.

Could you imagine spending a better Valentine’s Day than with Robbie Williams? I can’t! Considering how both Robbie and Adele are new celebrity parents, I bet they had loads to talk about from diapers, to sleepless nights and of course, planning their children’s future playdates the moment they can start crawling!

Check out all of our fun photos below and let us know what you think!

  • Adele 1 of 5
    Award winning singer Adele and parter Simon Konecki arrive at fellow British singer, Robbie William's Mulholland Estate home for a quick visit in Los Angeles.
  • Secret Pals 2 of 5
    Secret Pals
    Who even knew these two were friends?
  • Playdates 3 of 5
    Considering that both Adele and Robbie are new parents, maybe they are planning future playdates for their kids?
  • Valentine’s Day 4 of 5
    Valentine's Day
    Talk about a fun way to spend your Valentine's Day - with Robbie Williams out of all people!
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    How did you spend your Valentine's Day today?

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