Adele Is Due To Give Birth In Two Months


This here is going to prove to be incredibly stressful news for die-hard Adele fans out there. Less than two weeks after the chart topper announced that she is pregnant with her first child, it is now being reported that she is seven months along. So if you were planning on throwing the British songstress a faux baby shower and Twitter party, your ass better get to work.

According to Jezebel (via The Sun), Adele’s baby will most likely be here sometime during September or around the time of the MTV Video Music Awards. Remember last year when Beyonce stole Adele’s thunder by announcing her pregnancy on the red carpet? While now it can be Adele’s turn by stealing Blue Ivy’s thunder with her first public appearance by having her water break on the red carpet, too. 

Actually with all kidding aside, we’re excited to see Adele’s baby. There is no doubt that the little tot is going to be a stunner and that Adele is going to be one fantastic mom, too.

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