Aisha Gaddafi – Libya's First Daughter On a Plane Bound for Nowhere?

aisha gaddafi
Aisha Gaddafi

One day Aisha Gaddafi or (Ayesha Gaddafi) is the daughter of a powerful leader in the Middle East.  The next she’s a passenger of a flight bound for nowhere and being denied refuge in at least on country.  At question is whether the first daughter and several other family members were defecting Gaddafi’s regime or fleeing for safety as the country continues to swell in unrest.

Ayesha is the highest profile member of the Gaddafi family that has fled Libya for safer shores.  Her plane was reportedly turned away from landing in Malta.  Another high profile member of the family, daughter-in-law Hannibal Gaddafi, was turned away from the airport in Beirut, Lebanon.   

Aisha Gaddafi is a bit of a celebrity herself having joined Saddam Hussein’s legal defense team in 2004.  Probably not the best move when your left looking for a friendly country to find refuge in when your dad’s dictatorship appears to be on its last legs!

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