Al Gore and Tippers Daughter Karenna Splits from Hubby - What About the Kids?


Is it a case of ‘misery loves company’ or just impeccable timing?  According to some of those insider “sources,” who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, Al and Tipper Gore‘s daughter Karenna and husband Andrew Schiff have split up…

The Huffington Post is reporting that the couple have been separated for several months but are trying to work things out and are going to counseling. No divorce papers have been filed. No public statements have been made. And Karenna and mom Tipper have not been spotted at any mother daughter singles mixers (although Tipper would be a great wing man).

But let’s hope that this is just an unfortunate blimp in the couple’s thirteen years of marriage.  Al and Tipper broke up after forty years of marriage, the couple’s four children were all old enough to deal with it. Karenna and Andrew? They gave have three young children, Wyatt (11), Anna (9) and Oscar (4). Divorce can be devastating on the offspring.  And with that kind of age range, there’s a lot of different emotions and ways in which they’ll digest the changes. Four-year old Oscar will undoubtedly deal with the drama in a completely different way than eleven-year-old Oscar. But it’ll be heartbreaking either way. Let’s hope that Karenna and Andrew can work out the differences and the family unit can once again be united. Perhaps they can wait another twenty-seven years and break up after forty just like Al and Tipper?

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