Alaska Senate Race: Lisa Murkowski Slams Sarah Palin and Tea Party

Alaska Senate Race: Lisa Murkwoski
Alaska Senate Race: Lisa Murkwoski

The Alaska Senate race was headed for another nail-biter in the rematch between Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Tea Party favorite Joe Miller as supporters from both sides prepared Wednesday for a potentially prolonged ballot count.

Enthusiastic and hopeful, Murkowski slammed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, calling Alaska her state and bragging of the fact that she and her supporters were able to make their own decisions regarding who to send to the Senate.

In a brief interview Tuesday night with Fox News, Murkowski casted both Palin and the Tea Party as a whole as outsiders who really didn’t have any business in trespassing in her state and backing Joe Miller.

Murkowski’s remarks against Palin were made after Palin condemned Murkowski for being an “out of touch liberal” at the end of October.

Despite her feud with Palin, Murkowski may have reason to brag.  Election returns on Tuesday showed she has a good chance to become only the second candidate to run a successful write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate in the nation’s history.

“They said it couldn’t be done,” she told supporters Tuesday night. “We said if it can be done anywhere, it can be done in Alaska, and let’s prove the rest of the country wrong. And we’re doing that tonight.”

But even if the write-ins remained ahead of Republican nominee Joe Miller and Democratic candidate Scott McAdams, the outcome of Alaska’s Tuesday general election apparently wouldn’t be known for days, because officials need to determine which write-in votes actually went to Murkowski.

“We are in the process of making history,” Murkowski, who is seeking a second full term, said early Wednesday.

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