Alastair Macaulay : Why He Doesn't Need to Apologize


Jenifer Ringer responds to criticAlastair Macaulay recently came under fire for his review of The Nutcracker in the NY Times where he made a remark about the weight of one of the ballerinas, saying that Jennifer Ringer “looked as if she’d eaten one sugar plum too many.”

After watching her interview on the Today Show, I can’t say that I agree with him. But, he’s not apologizing for his remark. He wrote a follow up piece where he explains his point of view.

Why he doesn’t have to apologize: (or why he doesn’t think he needs to)

*He was comparing her body to other ballerinas’.

*He claims that ballerinas have been judged based on their appearance for years.

*The body is on display in ballet, so its open to criticism.

While personally, I think his opinion was harsh and uncalled for, Macaulay is a critic and is entitled to his own opinion. Though young ballerinas are listening and might think about their own bodies negatively because of his comments, is that his responsibility?

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