Alec Baldwin Was Suicidal After The Voicemail Scandal


alec-baldwin-ireland-baldwin-225x300In a recent interview with Men’s Journal, Alec Baldwin admitted that the guilt and backlash over leaving his daughter Ireland that infamous message in 2007 (in which he called her a “rude, thoughtless little pig”) “made me want to end it.” He even told MJ how he planned on carrying out his suicide.

Seriously, I remember how vilified Baldwin was for leaving that message (my mother in-law still refuses to watch 30 Rock because of it — true story). Just to brighten your day a little bit, here’s a little sample of the dark thoughts that Baldwin was entertaining back on those rough days:

“I feel the consequences of that every day. I was going to put the hose in the most noxious of the cars I own, a Jeep, take some sleeping pills and take a nice nap in the front seat of my car in the garage.”

If you’ll recall, Alec left the voicemail on Ireland’s phone during a bitter custody battle between himself and ex-wife Kim Basinger. So, it was a pretty ugly little time in his life. Still, who says that to their daughter?

Even though Alec and his daughter have apparently kissed and made up, he’s still threatening to quit acting and become a hermit. Last month, he announced that 30 Rock will be his last acting gig. What’s he going to do next, write parenting novels?