Alec Baldwin's Daughter Begs Dad For An RPatz Cameo on "30 Rock"


alec-baldwin-ireland-baldwinNever mind that Alec Baldwin is campaigning for a Paul McCartney cameo on his Emmy-winning show 30 Rock. His 13-year-old daughter Ireland is using all of her powers of father-daughter persuasion on dad to get Twilight star Robert Pattinson on the show as a guest-star.

When asked if he had the power to get any guest star in the world on 30 Rock, Alec had this to say:

“I want [Paul] McCartney to come on… We’re working on it.”

Ireland, on the other hand, is less than thrilled with an appearance by the former Beatle. She and her generation are deep in the clutches of Twilightmania.

“Well, I’m sure that Robert Pattinson has no shortage of shows that want him to come on, like Desperate Housewives and shows like that,” said the elder Baldwin. “I’m sure those women would like to get their hands on Robert Pattinson.”

In the interest of the show, I’d say McCartney is a much better investment historically. In terms of ratings… I hate to say it, but Pattinson would probably draw about 10 million swooning female viewers under the age of 17.