Alessandra Ambrosio Helps Her Sister Move! (Photos)


Proving that supermodels can be super even off the runway, Alessandra Ambrosio generously took a day off from work to help her sister Aline move to her new home.

While professional movers took care of the bigger items, the Victoria’s Secret model took smaller items out of her sister’s house and packed them carefully in the car, ready for the big move.

With such a good example to live up to, we bet that Alessandra’s children, Anja and Noah, will grow up just as close – and just as willing to help each other out!

See the pics here.

  • Keyed up 1 of 7
    Keyed up
    The supermodel keeps her car keys close at hand.
  • Special bulletin 2 of 7
    Special bulletin
    Alessandra carries a new bulletin board to the car.
  • Staying organized 3 of 7
    Staying organized
    If sister Aline has a schedule as busy as Alessandra's, she'll need this bulletin board to keep track of everything.
  • Loading up 4 of 7
    Loading up
    Alessandra loads small items into the back seat.
  • Sisterly love 5 of 7
    Sisterly love
    Alessandra took a day off to help her sister move.
  • Getting going 6 of 7
    Getting going
    Alessandra is ready to make the trip.
  • Moving day 7 of 7
    Moving day
    Aline's larger belongings are loaded onto the moving van.

[Photos: via PacificCoastNews]

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