Alex McCord Annoyed at New York Magazine. Why?


The New York Magazine Story entitled “All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting” has touched a nerve. A very primal, parental one at that. The piece explores the idea in a nutshell- that “parents are less happy than nonparent.”  That basically having kids is it’s own kind of misery. But thankfully not all parents agree.  And one who is voicing her opinion loud and clear is Alex McCord of the Real Housewives of New York City. The mom of two wrote on Twitter:

“Am annoyed by nymag article on parenting – I disagree & think they only interviewed depressed people to fit the agenda”

And she was “horrified” that her son started to question the piece. She wrote:

“… I left it on coffee tbl; François brought it over horrified asking me “is this how u feel?” this was bkfst chat, ugh.”

She said he questioned the cover which was a, “beautiful model looking sad w baby- title is “I love my children. I hate my life.” bit of a shock to a browsing 6 y.o.”

And Alex McCord wasn’t the only one to voice their opinion about the piece. Our own Rufus Griscom – the co-founder here at Babble  – chimed in with his own touching response with a piece entitled, “Yes, Kids Make Us Happier.”

What do you think, do you think non-parents are happier than parents?

Photo: Pacific Coast News