Alex McCord Clears Up Some Questions From The Real Housewives Reunion Show


Alex MCord did pretty good on last night’s Real Housewives of New York Reunion show. She stuck up for herself without breaking into hives!  The ladies went at each others throats as anticipated and it was drama, drama, and more drama. After filming for NINE whole hours, you can’t blame them for being even cattier than usual.

Alex weighs in on her blog and clears up some of the murkier discussions of the evening. The first issue at hand: Did LuAnne de Lesseps try and spark a  Team Jill vs  Team Bethenny war? LuAnne said no. Alex said yes.

‘From the beginning of the season, LuAnn and Jill had a ‘team” that they tried to recruit others to join Jill on the phone Labor Day weekend and LuAnn asked me on camera at Ungaro in September which “team” I was on,” Alex says. “Ramona, Bethenny and I didn’t form a team with Sonja joining later. We didn’t make jackets; it’s not like we’re in the Pink Ladies. We just understood each other.”

As to whether or not Bethenny trashes Kelly’s kids in the press. Alex googled for proof.  

“I did not find. What I did find, though, is the article I brought up to Kelly where she talked about Bethenny in Gawker. To give Kelly credit, she did try to say that she couldn’t speak about Bethenny. However, she agreed to the interview and the reporter clearly stated the focus of the article, so if she really didn’t want to take about Bethenny she didn’t need to take that interview.”


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