Alex McCord Photos: This Real Housewife Beats Out The Lakers, Celtics and Tornados


After the airing of Part Three of the Real Housewives of New York reunion show, do you know what was the most searched subject on Google? “Alex McCord Photos.” Yes, the search for Alex’s nudie photos beat out big national news about the Lakers triumphantly winning game 7 of the NBA Finals, the Celtics big loss and a tornado hitting Wadena, Minnesota. Alex McCord has, even after two kids, still got it!

The mom of two, who proudly posed naked for photos which were taken just 10 weeks after her second son was born – saying… “it was a celebration that a new mom can be in great shape.”

The photos were taken a long time ago but interest in them has been reignited after it was discussed on The Real Housewives of New York Reunion Show 3.  At the reunion show for last years season, Ramona was very upset that Alex would pose nude and stormed off the set on her moral high horse. But since then, Bethenny posed nude for PETA and Kelly posed for nude for Playboy. And Alex is proud of her photos saying  (in jest),  “I was the first one, a trailblazer by default.” But Jill butted in with a fare share of venom saying, “You can’t compare your photos to Playboy. You were spread eagle in the hallway of your husband’s hotel.” With big emphasis on the “spread eagle.” Which is probably what triggered the Google search rush in the first place!

What do you think of the Housewives going nude?