Alex McCord To Jacqueline Laurita: Ashley Needs Tough Love, Anger Management


Now that The Real Housewives of New York is done filming for the season, Alex McCord has been weighing in on the New Jersey cast.

Being a mom, Alex’s favorite parts seem to be about the kids. “Loved seeing the Giudice girls play Monopoly with their Dad; that’s our boys’ favorite game and when we play, we’re ruthless with them and each other,” she says, adding that she “loved watching Lauren and Chris lock Albie out of the gym and fake the situps, and good for Albie for making good use of his time by seeing another side of law enforcement.”

She also praises Danielle’s parenting skills, stating, “This week it was nice to see another side of Danielle, that she loves her daughters and wants the best for them.”

And while it’s praise all around for most of the cast, Alex has none to give Jacqueline Laurita and her  daughter Ashley. “WHAT IS GOING ON with Ashley?” she asks and then proceeds to answer and give some harsh advice.

“We only know what was shown, but she clearly isn’t one bit sorry. Ashley doesn’t have to like Danielle and guess what, she doesn’t really even have to be sorry about the hair pulling, BUT she has to answer to it. She has to respect the gravity of the consequences of her actions. There’s a summons out for her and whether she likes it or not, it’s now public record and has to be taken care of. Countersue? What’s she going to countersue over, breaking a nail when she pulled Danielle’s hair? Her Internet access bill for reading Danielle’s Facebook page? Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do if I were Jacqueline.”

Ouch. And yet, no one can argue that she’s not being fair. Her advice to Jaqueline: “This kiddo needs more than tough love; she needs anger management.”

And what’s more? Alex feels that Jacqueline and Chris should have told Ashley to handle the complaint, find a lawyer, show up to court and deal with the problem. She thinks they should have told Ashley “I will ride with you if you need support and I will hold your hand. I will not drive the car; this is your problem and you need to make it go away.” Or something like that….There’s a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Take a deep breath and do it.”


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