Alex Santana: Five Things About Jane Carrey's Rocker Ex

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Alex Santana: Five things about Jane Carrey's ex

Talk about your short-lived unions. Just a year after they wed, Jane Carrey and Alex Santana have split, which is extra sad because they just welcomed their first child, son Jackson, earlier this year. No reason has been given for the split, though her rep insists they’re still “great friends” (reps should really stop saying that, since we know it’s not true). So who is Jane Carrey’s soon-to-be-ex husband? Here’s five things about Alex Santana, including video of one of his performances.

1. He’s a singer/songwriter.

2. His stage name is Nitro. (Which kinda makes me want to make fun of him …)

3. He plays for Blood Money.

4. Here’s a link to some Nitro video.

5. He married Jane in November 2009.

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