Alex Stebbins Complains That Lady Gaga Stole Her Boyfriend - Really?

Lady Gaga
Alex Stebbins claims that Lady Gaga stole her boyfriend

Alex Stebbins is a wannabe actress who has now come out to proclaim that Lady Gaga stole her boyfriend. We’re supposed to believe that Lady Gaga was jealous that her ex-boyfriend, Luc Carl, had moved on with Alex Stebbins that she needed to have him back! Alex Stebbins even spoke to the New York Post and said; “I wasn’t going to go toe to toe with Lady Gaga, because that’s like fighting Jesus,”

“She’s the most powerful woman in the world, and there’s no winning.”

She then goes on to complain that Gaga would text and email Carl but he was so happy with Stebbins that he would ignore her, until Gaga got aggressive. Then, Stebbins says, “It was really hard to be with someone who has a really famous ex-girlfriend who would stop at nothing to get him back,”

Call me crazy but I don’t think Lady Gaga is so desperate for companionship that she needs to ‘steal’ another woman’s boyfriend! It looks to me like Alex Stebbins is looking for a little sympathy and maybe even more publicity! And maybe her issue should be with her boyfriend, and not so much Lady Gaga.

I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga is laughing at all of this attention that Alex Stebbins is trying to garner for herself.   I guess I’m wondering why Stebbins wants everyone to know that Lady Gaga stole her boyfriend?  Who knows, maybe Stebbins will land her own reality show next!

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