Alex Stebbins: The Second Lady Gaga Theft Victim?

Alex Stebbins Lady Gaga
Is Alex Stebbins Lady Gaga's Second Theft Victim?

Alex Stebbins is a beautiful 21-year old actress who just got dumped by her boyfriend, Luc Carl. I guess her boyfriend breaking up with her wouldn’t be such a big deal if Alex Stebbins wasn’t claiming that Lady Gaga managed to steal him from her.

Stebbins insists that Lady Gaga made a play for Luc Carl while they were still dating, and that he was even with her during the infamous Mets game underwear incident.

If Lady Gaga did truly steal Luc Carl from Alex Stebbins, this wouldn’t be the first time that someone has accused her of theft.

A few months ago, the mother of a woman named Lina Morgana came forward, claiming that Lady Gaga stole her daughter’s entire act, and that Lina was the real inspiration behind Lady Gaga. She also said that Lina took her own life after Gaga started gaining fame.

There may be no truth to Alex Stebbins’ claims, or the mother of Lina Morgana’s for that matter. But if these allegations are true, then it sounds like Lady Gaga may have a bit of an issue getting things on her own in life.

Photo: Pacific Coast News