Ali and Roberto: He Knew She was Right for Him


Roberto Martinez knew Ali Fedotowsky was the right woman for him.

“I had a sense it was me — sometimes just the way she’d look at me,” he told PEOPLE. 

“As soon as I walked out of the limo and made eye contact with her it became very real in terms of emotions, wanting to get to know her. I knew there was something there right away.”

Fans of “The Bachelorette” knew it too; Ali and Roberto had such a wonderful chemistry.  I knew all along that Ali would choose him.

When asked if he was nervous to propose to Ali, Roberto says he wasn’t at all.  “I remember being so excited that day. I was so amped up to do it and start my life. There weren’t any nerves. It was just pure excitement.”

Rumor has it that Roberto is moving to San Diego.  Is it true?

I’ve always said I want her to be happy and I can be happy anywhere so I spoke with my company and found an office in San Diego,” says Roberto.

First a big move, then marriage perhaps?  But are Ali and Roberto ready to tie the knot?

“We don’t have a date set … Right now we’re ready to take this next step and start living a normal life.”

Yeah, I wonder how normal it will be!

Do you think Ali and Roberto will get married?