Ali and Roberto To Double Date With Tenley and Kiptyn


Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are settling into their life together in San Diego nicely, and now they are even starting to make “couple” friends.

Ali and Tenley Molzahn competed against each other for Jake Pavelka’s affections on The Bachelor, but there are no hard feelings between them.  Ali is definitely much happier with Roberto than she would’ve been with Jake, and Tenley seems to have found a match in Kiptyn Locke, who was rejected by Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette.

Tenley and Kiptyn have been heating things up on Bachelor Pad, and it sounds as though they are still going strong!

Ali is hoping that the new couple will win the $250,000 on the new show, and says that she and Roberto will be doing a double date with them very soon. She’s rooting for the couple to stay together for sure!

And Fedotowsky is definitely glad that she is not one of the contestants on Bachelor Pad. She said, “I’m way too competitive…I would have never, never done it. I would have been a wreck on that show.”

Competitive, huh?  I almost wish that Ali had been cast on Bachelor Pad instead of The Bachelorette just so we could see her throw down with a few of the girls in the house.

Judging from how much she hated rival Vienna Girardi, I’m sure that she would’ve stirred up plenty of drama.  It would’ve been quality entertainment, that’s for sure.

Photo: PRPhotos