Ali and Roberto: Wedding On Hold, Are Ali and Roberto Still Together?

Ali Fedotowsky Roberto Martinez
Are Ali and Roberto Still Together?

Ali and Roberto became everyone’s favorite Bachelorette couple after their romantic courtship on The Bachelorette, which resulted with Roberto popping the question at the end. Now that their wedding plans seem to be on hold, many people are asking, “Are Ali and Roberto still together?”

Even though their delayed nuptials seem like an indication that things are cooling off between them, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez seem to be going strong. They supposedly want to make sure that they do their wedding their way, on their own time, and don’t seem in a huge rush to tie the knot.

Ali and Roberto have been living together in San Diego for quite a few months now, and they’ve been spotted all over LA as well looking happier than ever. In fact, they even participated in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk together yesterday in San Diego.

Bachelorette fans are very anxious to see Ali and Roberto get married, and hopefully start a family soon too. By the looks of it, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer!

Photo: Pacific Coast News