Ali Chooses Roberto: Babies Next?


“I wanna be that man for you”, were the words that sealed the deal for Ali and Roberto!  As Ali stood there waiting to find out if Roberto would, indeed, return her love, Roberto sort of stammered out his words, which didn’t really make much sense, until he finally told Ali that he wanted to be the man who was her soulmate.

After a quick proposal, the two hugged and kissed awkwardly trying to avoid the sweat that was dripping down poor Roberto’s face. Seriously, why did they make him sport a full suit in Bora Bora?  Hasn’t ABC heard of island casual?

Now that Ali has given Roberto the final rose, we have to ask if she will follow in Trista Sutter’s footsteps and become the next Bachelorette to actually tie the knot with her man and have kids.

But I can’t quite make that prediciton yet.  You never know what potentially scandalous info will reveal itself on the after-show.