Ali Landry Has A Case Of The "Mommy Brain"


Every mother reading this post knows exactly what the “Mommy Brain” is, right?  For some reason, it seems like after we have kids, we just have way too much going on in our brains to possibly keep it all together each and every single day!

And the “Mommy Brain” happens to celebrities too…just ask Ali Landry!

Ali is mom to daughter Estela, 3, and she and her little girl and husband, Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, had a pretty interesting incident one time while trying to do something as simple as visiting the gas station!

According to Ali, she was in the middle of pumping gas and heard Estela crying in the car.  She “leaned over her car seat to nurse, hoping no one would see”, in order to calm the little girl.  Apparently her husband took this as a sign that she was finished filling the tank…because he got back in the car and drove off.

The catch is that the hose was still attached to Ali’s gas tank, and when Alejandro drove away, the car ripped it right off the pump!

Ali certainly has a great sense of humor, and jokes that, “A couple thousand dollars later, at least my baby was happy and fed!”

Spoken like a true mom!

Ali is currently collaborating with other stars such as Ana Gasteyer, Kelly Rutherford, and Lisa Loeb to help promote the benefits of breastfeeding with for National Breastfeeding Month.

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