Ali Landry Has Contraction on Way to Access Hollywood


Actress Ali Landry told Billy and Kit she had a Braxton Hicks Contraction on the way to the set of Access Hollywood Live this morning.  And it wasn’t the first.  Ali, who’s eight months pregnant with her second child, was also having contractions on the set of a recent commerical shoot for Palmers Cocoa Butter (you know the amazing cream that helps  with stretch marks.  Ali is their spokeperson).  Billy immediately offered to deliver the baby! Kit got down to the more pressing question, which was, is Ali an Epidural or Natural Birth kindof mom? Ali admitted going epidural when her first child was born, saying she high- fived the doctor after she got the shot!  She wants the  epidural this time around also.

But Billy Bush just might be needed in the delivery room.  Ali says her husband is no help at all, and faints at the sight of blood.  In fact, during her first delivery,  she had to give him a lesson on how to hold her feet!  Eight months along, Ali describes herself as a “jolly pregnant woman,” and is planning to keep working as long as she can.  This past weekend, she hosted a redCARpet event, where she stressed the importance of installing car seats properly.  She said several of her celebrity friends (she didn’t name names!) actually thanked her because their car seats were in the wrong way.  For more on Ali’s work with car seat safety, check out

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Ali Landry reveals how having children has changed her.

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