Ali Larter Reveals How She Lost the Baby Weight So Quickly


ali larterThirty-four year-old actress and new mom Ali Larter recently talked about how “traumatic” it was to leave her newborn son for the first time to return to work. Her son, 4-month-old Theodore Hayes MacArthur, has his mommy just wanting to stay home with him all the time!

Larter is best known for playing the dual roles of Niki Sanders and Tracy Strauss in the hit NBC science fiction drama, Heroes. It’s a role that she needs to stay in good shape for, and Larter told Access Hollywood how she lost her baby weight so quickly:

“I’m doing pilates a couple days a week, and I’m trying to hike or run a couple days a week. The pressures of life can be a lot for everyone, and instead of going, ‘Oh, I don’t want to work out,’ I try to flip that switch in my brain, and go, ‘This is your time to get rid of the problems, let your stress go.”

“If you don’t have someone to watch the baby, just put him in a stroller and walk for a couple of hours. It just really gives you the positive endorphins.”

Walk for a couple of hours?! How many working moms out there have time to do that?

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