Ali Larter's Biggest Pregnancy Craving


Ali Larter, who just announced her pregnancy last week with writer-actor husband Hayes MacArthur, isn’t afraid to talk about food. Despite the fact that the actress is surrounded by incredibly thin stars and women who are back down to their size two frames just weeks after giving birth, Larter is indulging her every whim while with child.

“Stop eating? I eat everything!” the 34-year-old told People while promoting her film Resident Evil: Afterlife during Comic-Con in San Diego. Larter admitted to baking strawberry shortcakes, then waking at three in the morning to eat them.

Larter, who is four months pregnant, is taking this time to, for once, be a little less strict with herself, and loving every minute. She talked about how, normally, she’s under a great deal of pressure to be fit and look a certain way for the various roles she plays–and has to be very careful to do so. “but now it’s just freedom,” she said. “It’s like, bring on the Sprinkles cupcakes, pizza, pasta. I’m loving it!”

What else is on the list of things she won’t give up? Heels. That’s right, Larter refuses to stop wearing her four-inch high heels, despite the growing baby bump.

We wonder–if she had to choose between high heels and junk food during her pregnancy, which would she pick? Which would you pick?