Ali Larter's Mom Uniform: Her Workout Clothes!


Ali LarterActress Ali Larter is always on the go. Between her role in the NBC hit show Heroes and being a new mom to her 5 month old son Teddy, she admits that down time doesn’t happen very often.

Just months after having her son, 35 year old Ali is already back to her pre-baby shape, and admits that walking had a lot to do with it. “Being a new mom, my time is of the essence. For a lot of new moms, they don’t have someone to watch the baby, so you put him in a stroller and you just go.”

But she also says that working out, hiking, Pilates and yoga are also key to her weight loss, andshe aims to exercise four days a week for an hour each day. “From the morning through night, I just wear my workout clothes so that if I can grab a half an hour here or there then I’m ready to go.”

She says that her diet is mostly organic but she does allow herself the occasional portion-controlled splurge. “I’m a pretty healthy person but I believe in spoiling yourself. A lot of it is to forgive yourself.”

The actress also believes that new moms expect too much from themselves too quickly. “New moms can be so hard on themselves and you think your body’s going to be back and perfect and you just have to realize the number one priority is to have a beautiful, healthy baby.”

So what’s her favorite part of being a new mom? “He just started having these fits of giggles and it’s amazing”, the actress told PEOPLE at the Pampers Little Miracles Campaign launch. “My child laughing is pure joy.”

Yes, children laughing really is pure joy!

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