Alia Rose Father: Rick James Alia Rose's Father?

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Is Rick James Alia Rose's Father?

Alia Rose is mourning the passing of her mother, Teena Marie, after she found her deceased the day after Christmas. The cause of death has not yet been determined, though it is believed that Tina (Teena) Marie succumbed to natural causes. Alia Rose, who is also known as Rose LeBeau is no doubt devastated.

In the wake of losing her mother, many people are wondering, “Who is Alia Rose’s father?”

Teena Marie had a very strong relationship with Rick James, leading many to draw the conclusion that Rick James is, in fact, Alia Rose’s father. Did Tina Marie and Rick James have a daughter together?

Supposedly Teena Marie said in a concert one time that Rick James is not Alia Rose’s father, but her dad is actually a man named Peter. Peter is a postman that Teena Marie met while she was in college.

Whoever Alia Rose’s father is really isn’t important right now. Our hearts and prayers are with her as she mourns the loss of her mom.