Alia Rose Father: Who is Alia Rose's Father? Alia Late Teena Marie's Daughter

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Who is Alia Rose's father?

Alia Rose’s father has become a topic of much discussion, as people wonder “Who is Alia Rose’s father?”… following the death of Alia Rose’s mother, Teena Marie, who passed away yesterday in her sleep.

Who is Alia Rose’s father?

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Teena Marie was quite guarded about her private life and the identity of Alia Rose / Rose Le Beau’s father has not been revealed.

Teena Marie has commented in interviews about Alia Rose’s father: “She’s a little Sista, she’s just naturally a Sista. She always jokes with me and says, ‘I didn’t get my soul from my dad, I got it from my Momma.’ It’s funny because Alia’s father is black; he’s a postman.”

Naturally, rumors have always swirled that Alia Rose’s father was Rick James, because of Teena Marie’s close working relationship with James.

Teena Marie reportedly shot down Rick James as the father once during a concert performance.