Alia Rose: Teena Marie Daughter Made the Grim Discovery (Plus Videos of Teena Singing With Alia)


The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind for Alia Rose.

Alia Rose is the daughter of R&B star Teena Marie and she herself followed in her mother’s footsteps and performing as a singer. The stage name she used was Rose Le Beau rather than Alia Rose. She was a Christmas baby and just celebrated her 19th birthday as well as Christmas day on December 25th. Her last tweet was “I’m about to pass the hell out,” so i guess she was indeed celebrating. And her mom tweeted the very sweet message,“19 yrs ago today, I was in labor! My heavenly father gave me the most glorious gift I could ever receive. A Baby girl on Christmas!”

But things turned very much for the worse on Sunday, December 26th…

Her daughter, the day after her birthday discovered her mother’s body. Teena Marie had died in her sleep. She had reportedly had a grand mal seizure, ” a neurological event, marked by loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions,”  about a month ago. But had been feeling much better, and was quite upbeat lately.  She was even planning to return to the stage soon.

So sad for her daughter to have to be the one to find her. Our thoughts go out to Alia Rose and all Teena Marie’s friends and family.

Photo: Facebook

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