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Alia Rose: 5 Things About Teena Marie's Daughter, Rose Le Beau, Who Discovered Mom Passed Away

By WendyM |

alia rose le beau marie daughter teena marie

Who is Alia Rose, Rose Le Beau, Teena Marie

Sadly, Alia Rose, Teena Marie’s daughter, discovered mom Teena Marie passed away in her home. News that Teena Marie died was a huge loss to fans of this R&B legend.

Who is Teena Marie’s daughter, Alia Rose / Rose Le Beau? Here are 5 things about Alia Rose:

Alia Rose was a singer like mom Teena Marie, using the stage name Rose Le Beau.

Alia was born on Christmas, and just celebrated her 19th birthday.

Alia Rose’s mother, Teena Marie took to Twitter on Christmas to celebrate Alia’s birthday, tweeting: “19 years ago, I was in labor! My Heavenly Father has given me the most glorious gift I could ever get. Girl on Christmas Day!”

Alia Rose discovered her mother dead on Sunday, December 26, and although Teena Marie’s cause of death is yet unknown, she reportedly had a seizure a month ago.

Rose LeBeau is credited as Alia Rose on Teena Marie’s albums “La Dona” (2004) & “Sapphire” (2006).

Watch Teena Marie’s daughter, Alia Rose, sing with her mom (video):

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0 thoughts on “Alia Rose: 5 Things About Teena Marie's Daughter, Rose Le Beau, Who Discovered Mom Passed Away

  1. tyrone h says:

    alia, sorry about your loss your mother is a beautiful person with a very soulful heart and spirit ever time she appeared in chicago our city gave her love even thought you may have loss your mom she left behind two beautiful things that will can still enjoy and alia rose thats you and your beautiful voice…… just remember that your mom is always looking down on you sending her love and support believe that you our her world she know what she left behind she know it was time to go home but sweetheart it´s will be fine because she will guide you. and also happy belated birthday

  2. harlene says:

    I am so sorry! My prayers are with you

  3. pam says:

    The “Lover Girl” will b truly missed…may God keep her n his arms.

  4. Marianne says:

    just listening to her on pandora last night and this morning she’s gone. i’m 37 years old and have been a teena fan since i was 12. i am sad because we have lost a soulful sista. she seems to love performing and gave that energy to her fans. teena will be surely missed.

  5. harish says:

    Teena Marie: Stars and Fans Remember the Motown Singer

  6. gytr says:

    ‘Lovergirl’ Singer Teena Marie Dies At 54 (VIDEO)
    Watch Full Video at This Link :

  7. PJ says:

    Have loved Lady T since I first heard her at college in early 1981. Was listening to her music Sunday morning…an absolute genius. My heart is grieved. My prayers go out to her precious daughter.

  8. O.G. reaLtalk says:

    WOW!,Lady T will be missed.I remember the first time I saw her ,Albany Ga.
    1983 ,the show was bangin.It was her and cameo,man those was the daze.ya didn’t have to worry bout nobody shootin or fightin just jammin to some funk.Like the man said bout all good things…I hate it when the man is right .
    We love ya Sis
    O.G. realtalk

  9. dj savannha~rose says:

    My Dear Lady T. Thank you for all you have given us and we will watch over Rose Lebeau. There is no other voice like Teena Marie. God Bless you for ever and ever……dj savannah~rose

  10. lala says:

    My 20 yr old son is a result of the effects of Teena Marie’s music. Such a soulty, powerful voice. She is an icon that will be missed. RIP Ms. Lady T

  11. S Walker says:

    Dear Lover, our Ivory Queen of soul Lady T, La Dona,Teena Marie, is Out On Limb, but A Sucker For Your Love, Talking all that Square Biz,That Need Your Lovin, Behind The Groove ,Who we are Still In Love with A Rose By Any Other Name, but will always be our Lover Girl. R.I.P

  12. Sonyak says:

    ….Wow…can’t believe she’s gone…”Teena Marie” just hearing the name takes me back to the MOST awesome period of time in my life – I have loved Lady T from the very first time I heard her voice…someone on this post commented on losing the the best of the best, truly the most talented artists are passing in record numbers…Today is a very somber one for me…
    I feel so badly for her beautiful daughter…I appeal to those friends in “the business” to reach out to her daughter as it goes w/o saying how much she adored her Alia Rose. RIP Lady T and may GOD bless your soul for the musical legacy for have shared with us…Pls say hello to my Jeannie…

  13. Debra says:

    I am so sorry for your lost. I understand your pain because I lost my mom two years ago. I thank you for sharing her with us, we also loved her very much. You will always be in my prayers. Continue to make your mom proud. Keep the faith. Debra

  14. coco says:

    Feels like I lost a dear friend.I use to listen to all her music and it made you think about your life,the world and it inspired you.I Miss you Tina and we all will see you soon.God Bless!

  15. DBoogie says:

    OMG! I can’t believe the Queen is gone! I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Lady T back in 1995 after a concert in Atlanta. She invited me onto her tour bus and gave me an autographed pic of her which I will treasure forever. We just sat and talked about life for awhile and she gave me such a perspective on the creator and music that has stuck with me since. She was the coolest celeb I ever met and I actually got a chance to sing an old gospel song that she wrote and didn’t remember to her! She was like, “Damn you really are my #1 fan huh!” We had a good laugh about that one because I can’t sing a lick…lol…Anyway, my heart and prayers go out to Alia and the family. This is a real tragedy and she will be missed. But know that she is an angel now up in heaven watching over us all and keeping Rick James in line up there! By the way, yall need to put that box set out ASAP so we can all go get it!!!

  16. Tracy Davis says:

    Alia your mom was awesome and I know you know this, but to her fans so phenomenal…I remember seeing you in concert with her at San Dimas last year..You are gifted with your mom’s voice….Keep her legacy alive….May God Bless you and your family….

  17. Jose Huerta says:

    Dear Alia,

    Your mom is not gone; she is just in a better place following your every move. I grew up listening to all of her music since the age of 12 and have been a huge fan ever since. She has giving us so much while taking so little back and her music will live on forever. She was a true and caring individual to the heart and she will forever be a legend in ours. Be strong, stay in prayer, focused and keep the dream alive at your leisure, ;)

    We love you both!!! Give your family my condolences and God Bless you and your family forever, AMEN!!!


  18. Lisa W. says:

    Having grown up on Tina Marie’s sultry soulful sounds, I can say without hesitation that we have lost one of the best of our time. Her music will live on forever as it is CLASSIC R&B! Keep her in your heart Alia, as we all will do with you. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  19. Denise says:

    I saw Miss T with Sinbad and Earth Wind and Fire about 10 years ago, Lady T still had it going on. What a voice. She was truly blessed. RIP Lady T….

  20. Alicia says:

    I was shocked to hear of her passing. I didn’t believe it I went to four different web sites before I believed this. My heart goes out to you and your family. You have my deepest condolences. Your mom was such a beautiful person with a beatiful gift. I love your mom, as you do to, but God loves her more. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God give you strength and keep you encoraged during the next few weeks, and when everyone stops coming around. RIP Lady T.

  21. Renee D. says:

    Alia, I need to share my story with you so you know what your mommy did for me. my husband tried to win the velvet room tix @ the concert in hollywood 2004 with (the late Rick James) his last concert so i could tell her what she has done for me but we lost.well heres what I wanted to say…. I was given a 45 record player and a teena marie 45 record for my 7th bday Dec 28,1980 .well my mom and stepdad were fighting,arguing,alot at that time and my stepdad was secretly verbally abusing me so i really didnt want to live anymore but putting on teena marie helped me drown out the screaming and noise that was going on outside my bedroom door and somehow after my stepdad left the room i wouuld put the record on to forget what he just said and it really worked. and to this day Lady T music helps me get through everything in my life because i have had a rough,really rough 37 yrs.when i lost my mom 8 yrs. ago it has been Lady T.that has truly glided me safely through this and now shes up with my mom and Rick James watching over me and you. im truly blessed to have heard her beautiful voice live and on tape in my lifetime .and forever will i listen to Lady T and adore her. God Bless you and your family, Renee D.

  22. R.B.Waller says:

    Tina Marie was one of my favorite female vocalist. Her music has consoled me, enlightened me, enchanted me, and has given me courage to move on. Alia Rose, I know what it feels like to awaken and learned that your mother has left this world that we live in… But her memories will live on forever in your heart. Sometimes I dream of my mom, and I dream dreams of her being still her with me. Let her memories kept her alive in your heart forever.

  23. Carla Owens says:

    Alia Rose I just want you to know that your mom will truly be missed.Her music was so beautiful.It was soothing and exciting.You can tell that she sung from her heart and soul.When you saw her perform,you can tell that she loved it.She seemed to be such a loving person.Listening to her music just mesmerizes me.Her voice is so beautiful and soothing.She will definitely be missed.My prayers go out to.I’m so sorry for your lost.Be strong sweetheart..Keep singing.Im sure that’s what your mom would want you to do.I’m sure you have great memories of your mom.Keep those memories alive.May God Blessed You And Your family!!!!!!!

  24. Kim Herrera says:

    Alia Rose my heart stopped when i heard of your mom’s death. I feel like i grew up with her. I loved her as a sister, admired her as a singer and also lost my mom words can’t describe the sorrow. May god keep u safe and know that your mom’s love lives in your heart and in your music for ever. Be the best that u can be. I hope that u have family that will always support u. Should u ever need a friend to talk to feel free to email me God Bless U and keep U safe my prayers will always be with U.

  25. lakenya flo says:

    Alia, please let your mother’s music live on through your voice. I was so devasted when I learned of her passing as I too found my mother’s body on 12-22-10 so, I know exactly how you feel. It might take some time but you can really sing, and we need you out here. You have an awesome voice. You already have a fan base so please bless us with an album. You are in the prayers of many and God will give you strength to go on.

  26. sandra says:

    Alia Rose your mother was blessed by God and is a blessing to her fans but first and for most you. I too lost my mother at a young age. I’m not sure what worst finding your mother or watching your mother slowly die over a two year span of cancer. With that said I do recall watching an interview you were loved. I would like to add a piece of advise finish college and don’t just stop with your BA get you masters make your mom extra proud. Don’t go down the road of using your gifted voice until you get your education. I’m sure your mother spoke to you regarding getting your education reflect on it.
    My mom was 47 when she passed. I was in my very early 20s.

  27. cookie cerda says:

    HI Alia I dont think you will remmber me but iv be thinking of of you and praying for you hows your music coming along just let me know Eric my newpew and Katie is his gal well hope thing are will if you need anything just call love cookie

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