Alicia Keys - Motherhood Is In My Future


Alicia Keys is such a talented musician that it would be a shame if she didn’t have kids.

She needs to pass on her talents, though she could stand to leave her fashion sense behind. You have to admit it’s questionable which is why she has a stylist.

Alicia opened up on the subject of kids saying there re just a couple of things she wants to do before she settles down to have kids.

“I absolutely am very interested in starting a family. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences to have in this life and I am looking forward to it when it is my time. I have a lot of things I still want to do.”

“As far as retirement goes, I just wanted to have the ability, if I choose, to be able to do so. But I feel that I am just getting started. I love acting and producing, and I am developing some ideas for TV and film, and also for Broadway. I am excited about that. I really want to create a new musical. I think it’s time.”

So what does that mean? When is she going to have kids? I’m guessing that unless it happens by accident it’s a few years off.

Did you wait to accomplish all the things you ever wanted to do before having kids? If not, have your kids inspired you to do take on different roles?

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