Alicia Silverstone Gives Tips For Packing Healthy School Lunches

alicia silverstone baby
Alicia Silverstone gives lunch tips for parents on her blog.

Celeb mom Alicia Silverstone’s baby Bear might not be old enough for school yet, but she’s already cooked up some great ideas for packing healthy lunches for him once he does reach that age.

Alicia has her own blog, called The Kind Life, which is a spin-off of her best-selling book, The Kind Diet. She features all sorts of articles for how to live a healthy lifestyle, and her post with tips for school lunches doesn’t disappoint!

Some of Alicia’s best tips for keeping your little ones happy and healthy at school are:

1. Take your kids shopping with you and ask them what sorts of things they would like to see in their lunch boxes.

2. Make their food fun by cutting sandwiches into fun shapes or making things like “ants on a log,” which is celery, peanut butter, and raisins.

3. Pack condiments in your kids’ lunches because they love to dip things!

4. Choose a lunchbox that your child loves and they’ll be more likely to eat what’s inside of it.

For more great school lunch tips from Alicia, including healthy meal and snack ideas, make sure to check out her blog here!