Alicia Silverstone Glows from Her Earth-Friendly Diet, Not Pregnancy

the kind diet
Alicia Silverstone: The Kind Diet

Most pregnant moms have some sort of glow. Well, after they get past the morning sickness green, they glow.

Yet, Alicia Silverstone attributes her glow not to her pregnancy, but to her diet as described in her book The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet.

She says, “I started to glow, and people were like, ‘Why do you look so great?’ I felt so much better, and I used to take an asthma inhaler and I used to get allergy shots — and all that stuff went away. And my skin got great.”

Alicia Silverstone’s book describes a vegan lifestyle: how it better for you and for the planet.

I don’t know, I still want to attribute some of that glow to pregnancy instead! Have you ever tried a vegan diet? Do you think it makes you glow?

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