Alicia Silverstone Looks Like a "Real" Pregnant Gal

alicia silverstone
Alicia Silverstone Goes For Comfort Over Style While Pregnant

I don’t know about you, but when I was in my last trimester of pregnancy, I felt anything but glamorous. I could hardly manage to find a pair of maternity pants that actually fit let alone fix my hair and makeup to look presentable each and every day.

I’m always amazed when I see celeb moms-to-be in photos, walking around town looking like they’re ready for the red carpet. Sometimes they even have this enormous baby bump but still strut their stuff in heels, and I wonder how they manage to avoid falling over!

Seeing these photos of a very pregnant Alicia Silverstone had me breathing a sigh of relief knowing that not every mom-to-be in Hollywood gives in to the pressures of looking perfect all the time. Alicia looks like a “regular” pregnant gal in her sweats and high-tops. She definitely has the whole “mom-frump” thing going on, but honestly, she looks comfortable, which is a luxury during the last few months of pregnancy!

It’s so refreshing to see someone like Alicia who is confident and happy enough to be who she is without giving into outside pressures! She’s going to be an amazing mom!

Photo: PRPhotos